God Judges the Titans

Check this out all you LOVERS of HOLY Scripture and Video Games!

The PREVIEW of our new game app, “Fallen Angels: God Judges the Titans,” is now available!

The full app wil be released September of 2018, when it can be downloaded to any Android or IOS hand-held device!

With a premise based on Biblical, pre-flood events (Genesis 6, Jude, & Peter, as well as the extra-Biblical book of Enoch), this game will follow Creationist and Archaeological facts. Here’s how:

Gabriel the Archangel opens the game in an animation (similar to hits like Darksiders and Vector) telling the story of the fall of the Watcher class angels (cf. Daniel 4). He then gifts you with a Guardian Angel, who identifies your character as a “WATCHMAN,” as per God Almighty.

Throughout these first 7 Levels, your Character’s goal ( as a Watchman) is to find and activate a beacon, long prepared for this day. This beacon displays in spectacular animation… (The Hidden code in the sky) that will be both a WARNING of Judgement to come upon the earth in the near future, as well as a symbol of HOPE! Hope To ALL the Faithful in the Pre-Flood world, and BEYOND! This symbol is hidden ( by God) Throughout the Old Testament period. Then FINALLY Revealed in the New Testament , as our Dear Savior JESUS was hung upon a Cross for our Salvation. This Symbol, that God hid so AMAZINGLY in Numbers Chapter 2, Ezekiel Chapters 8-11 ect) Will be displayed for ALL the Antediluvian world to see! It will burst forth in the Heavens, in spectacular fashion, as it reflects off of the watery firmament that God Placed above the Earth on the 2rd day of Creation.

The Leviathan –. During your encounter with the first Leviathan — since Job 41 explains how no man can defeat one — you’ll kneel down and pray to “El Elyon,” GOD MOST HIGH, the only One capable of defeating Leviathan (Job 41). Because you seek His help, the Lord dispatchs your Guardian Angel (Chazaq-El, “God is my strength.”).

As if that’s not adrenaline pumping enough, you then FLIP characters ( Ala Final Fantasy) — becoming Chazaq-EL — in a battle against Leviathan!

The game style of “Fallen Angels: God Judges the Titans” is modeled after viral Parkour game HITS like “Vector” & “Badlands” with a Challenge Stage modeled like “Temple Run.” All acquired downloads in the hundreds of millions. Our Parkour Game will rival or exceed many of the speed and moves of the previously mentioned games… YET , doing it ALL within a world NEVER Before USED for this Genre of games!

With a storyline based on God’s amazing revelations (Job 40 & 41) and further explored via the writings and DVD’s of great thinkers like Chuck Missler, Dr Jonathan Gray, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, and Dr. Kent Hovind, etc… “Fallen Angels: God Judges the Titans” will astound and entertain players of all ages from all walks of life.

We are honored to showcase the God-implanted talents of Justin Elms ( Lead Programmer and Developer), Tim Klanderud (In-Game Graphic Artist), and Tony Martin (Story & Game Design, Market Manager). As well as The Wonderful ART and Webmaster talents of our Brother Bill Osborne!

Please pray as we continue to complete the process of the first-ever video game app centered on our HOLY BIBLE and designed for families of faith.