About Us

We, first and foremost, are followers of Christ, and secondly, family men/women. We are answering the call using skills acquired over our lifetimes in programming, art, and music to create the first ever true Christian video games that people of all walks of life will enjoy. Please help us complete a most unique undertaking for the Kingdom of God World-Wide! Help us bring Bible based high quality video games to MILLIONS of gamers around the WORLD!!!

You can assist us by prayer, downloading our $0.99 App (Bible Wheel Challenge), or with MUCH appreciated donations!

Hi My name is Tony Martin. I have been in video game development since the early 2000’s.  I was able to Co-create the internets very first ( from the Ground up flash animated games) For Christians called MyBIBLE Games!  Since that accomplishment, the Lord has seen fit to allow me to Prartner with a TERRIFIC and AMAZING young Programmer in Justin Elms!  To attempt to take Christian Video Games and Apps to the NEXT LEVEL…  With Jesus Is Lord GAMES!  We thank you all for your kind interest in our site and , any and all PRAYERS , for this Undertaking for our Savior and HIS KINGDOM !!!


Hi, my name is Justin Elms, an independent developer that has recently joined forces with Jesus is Lord as the lead developer to spread a message of hope and the love of God through video games. I am a husband and a father to the two most wonderful people in the world; my wife Jennifer, and my son James. I want to give you all a feel for what I do and work with!  So for the next few minutes, I will be explaining just that!

_______WHAT I DO_______

I lead the video game design aspects of the team in terms of level design, character design, special effects, and the largest part in the programming area of our games. Yes, you can say I have a busy schedule! BUT,  I absolutely LOVE what I do!  So no complaints here! Especially when doing it to further the kingdom of God!

_______MY TOOL-SET_______

-Video Game Development:
–Unreal Engine 4 — (For all 3D or 2.5D work)
–Game Maker: Studio Pro — (For 2D mobile apps)

-3D Model Design
–Autodesk Maya 2014

-2D Design
–Graphics Gale
–Anime Studio Pro10

-Programming Compilers
–Visual Studio 2014(C++)


I learned to code before college, polished my skills through college, and am ever growing in them after college. I attended Columbia College for Computer Information Systems in which I learned the fundamentals and even some advanced C++ as well as Java. For other languages such as RUBY, Javascript, HTML5, and a few others, I took the courses at Codecademy. All of the artwork you have seen of mine has been self taught. We also use artwork from indie-artists as a way to support artists and shorten our development time. My family, including myself, are also musicians. We have singers, pianists, bass players, guitarists, drummers, and many more!

_______THE CALL_______

I freelanced after a short career in IT (2 years)  programming.   Simply put, creating things was my true passion!  A passion I have always wanted to use for the kingdom of God.  It was two years ago, after working on many jobs!  I was hired for EXACTLY what I was praying for… doing a ministry for God! The answer I got shook me. I was told to step out on faith and follow this path…  to create video games as if they were parables that people could experience in real-time. As over 90% of all of my freelance work was people hiring me to develop video games, I feel God has been directing me through the training I needed, and now we are ready to take off!

Warmest Regards,
Justin E. and Family